Blubbering fish people

I wanna go back to Innsmouth and speak with creepy fish people. Also we better descend into some hellish underground place that has those deep black pits housing some sort of weird, hungry creatures. Would be cool if there was RPG like dialogue for characters.
What do you want to see in this game?

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I assume this is not the right place to be posting this topic. It more or less suits the General Discussion more. But to anwser your question i heard they are going to be adding some mechanics from the tabletop RPG into the game. But so far that is only for the insanity system. I also came across this article which might anwsers alot of questions you have.

I would reccommend you reading the forum rules and the New Investigators topic to avoid further complications with the moderators of the forums.

All in all i am so excited for this game and i am happy that there are more sharing that excitement!

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no it applies to the dialog system as well as making meaningful choices and skill system.