Peripheral Support In MudRunner

@liam434 have you tried pressing the PlayStation button?

@Iyagovos Please, please, please patch to fix force feedback on PS4.

Hi all, I just bought MudRunner American Wilds today with big excitement. However, when I set up everything just realised that the game doesn't give any force feedback to my G29. There is only entering force which is killing my steering wheel and making me not want to play this game anymore. I was wondering if anyone has fixed this problem, or is there any coming updates to fix this problem? I basically cannot use my G29 with force feedback on PS4 with MudRunner American Wilds.

@bradyakut don't even attempt to find anyone to help u. Mudrunner is basically done imo. Sadly a bunch of us have figured it out. The force feedback is basically shit, the manual with clutch system is also shit by making the truck have like 40% less power. I have basically the same wheel as you but for Xbox one. G920. I suggest u just wait till snowrunner comes out and we all hope it will be better than MR. Hope that helps

@Jayson hey do you think the cheapass wheels will work with this game? And I'm talking about those really cheap wheels.

@UntrueHunter I wouldn't waste my money on a cheap wheel. U get what ya pay for

I have a G29 racing steering wheel without the shifter but it wont let me in the game. Any suggestions?

Re: Peripheral Support In MudRunner

Is there any VR Headset support planned for SnowRunner?

This would would be a must buy for most VR Headset User.

Thrustmaster TMX wheel does not work on Xbox one In Snow runner

G29 wheel does not seem to work in SnowRunner. Pedals do not, either.

Logitech G29 on PC working fine in all other games, not in Snowrunner. Not recognized. Changed from custom to the supposed profile for G29. Nothing. Tried to add inputs, the box remains "empty". Never gives option to save changes. Restarted computer. Have Logitech G Hub/software installed and updated. Tried different USB ports on PC. Nothing. Frustrated. Any more ideas?

I have a thrustmaster t150 and I can’t get it to work on ps4

Hi i have thrustmaster tmx on xbox one. HOW DO I GET IT TO WORK IN GAME?

My t300 rs does not work on ps4. it's drama, laughing and beta instead of playing.

I have a Logitech driving force gt , and I can’t get it to work on pc

Guys good news. I got my G29 working. I uninstalled the Logitech Hub and downloaded the latest version from Logitech. The wheel started to work immediately.

Will there be support for Snowrunner? (PC) I have a Logitech Wingman Formula GP steering wheel and pedals. Works for Mudrunner, but "not" for Snowrunner? I cant even calibrate it in the CUSTOM option???

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the bug game. I cross the rocks and bridges. I fly through the air and see the whole map from above. in the menu to change the truck, the wheels disappear in the floor. otherwise the trucks will disappear. To play online, the game crashes all the time. But if not, the game is great, improve the game at the price we pay for it please!

i would like to use the the g 920 but your preset mixes up the pedals. its a driving game would like the actually would like to play the game.