(XBOX) BB2 Solo Old World League Not Progressing

Hopefully someone can give me a hand. I normally play Blood Bowl 2 (original edition) on XBOX One, in a solo league and I am seeing some odd behavior.

When I complete a competition round I can immediately play the next round without issue. But if I quit out of BB and go back to the league I get a 'you have joined a new competition' message and I am placed back at the first round match (repeat of the same team as well).

Team progress (XP, selected skills) is saved but I can not move forward in the competition. I was originally kicked out of the playoffs on one league and have quit and recreated several leagues, all exhibiting the same issue.

I am have not moved to the new official expansion but this issue started happening around the same time the expansion was released.

Any help is appreciated,

  • Mike
Community Manager

Hi, could you delete all your replays and try again?

Netheos, why don't you actually find out what the root cause is and fix it, instead of asking players/customers to do things like delete information they can never get back on the off-chance that doing so MIGHT solve their problems?

Responses like "hmm, hey try deleting the entire game and all your progress in solo leagues, then see if that solves the problem. If it doesn't, reply back and let me know" is deeply unhelpful if you want to have players actually continuing to play this game.

Hi Netheos,

I am not sure what you mean by replays. I have deleted the application and reinstalled with no change. I don't really want to delete my save file if that is what you are asking, I have 100+ hours of team progress in that file.

I believe I can create a new XBOX profile and start are new league with that user, if that makes sense.

  • Mike
Focus Team

No need to delete your savegames but your replays only (select Cabal TV from the main menu and delete the replays).

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I deleted all of my old replays and the league appears to be progressing as expected.

Thank you very much,

  • Mike

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