market trophy

im trying to get the market trophys as its only ones left

i tryed making 2 teams and training them up and putting them into private league of my own and doing it that way as suggested but when i go to bid on the player it just says action immpossible really frusterating having this single task to buy and sell a player on market when seems no possible way to do this really annoying

Unfortunately, this game is very frustrating to platinum because of these stupid market trophies.
However I'm still in a worse situation because the trophy for reaching a competition final won't pop for me no matter what.
Not that the platinum matters so much, but it's annoying to sit on top of 93% trophy completion because of market trophies and a bug.

@ICEdrake Did you do it with 2 different accounts? You can't buy a player from the same coach to the same coach.

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