A rather stupid upgrade.

This topic is about probably the worst thought out upgrade in the game. Stealth alloys. Stealth alloys are by far the most broken thing in this game.
Why, you ask? Well, for a few reasons. Stealth alloys can't really be countered by skill. If the enemy has about 5 escorts with stealth alloys, you're most likely if not certainly going to lose. One example of this would be in a match i had against Fosil, the guy who won the championship. I had an escort with stealth alloys and Fosil who is one of the best players in this game could do nothing about it. All you can do is spam MWJ and Beacons in the vain hope that you will detect your target. Another is the fact that this makes things like the stealth upgrade for Eldar completely inferior. While eldar are only stealthed when not moving, with stealth alloys it's all the time.

I'm just amazed people are crying about air caste and not this. If a dev is reading this, please. Just release a balance patch.

I complained about this when Tau were first introduced as it pretty much gives you the win as defender in cruiser clash, if you can be arsed to run around for 20 minutes. It either needs a time limit, or a system of victory points where it will cost you the match if you just run around invisible all game.

PS, Air Caste is broken 😛

@Bosie I'm not here to argue about fucking Air caste lol. This is about an upgrade that is far stronger than anything else in the game. As you said it's basically just a free win.

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torps also work as a counter and as soon as you spot once it becomes useless
but it is a trash upgrade, both for actual usefulness for a fun game and because its so easy to exploit for a win by annoyance

but still better then aircaste
pulsar eldar are more fun then aircaste
hunting after 20 stealth escorts is more fun then aircaste
fix the damn aircaste

@Ashardalon No offence, but at this point it just seems like you're salty because you don't know how to deal with them.

@Solaire said in A rather stupid upgrade.:

@Ashardalon No offence, but at this point it just seems like you're salty because you don't know how to deal with them.

I mean, to be fair, Air Caste are pretty ridiculous (And I'm someone who loves the Tau - in every game).

@Ashardalon You really are salty aren't you?

how many months of not being fixed.... dudes in a salt mine and not by his own choice

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