What do the cards mean ingame?

At the top of the screen, there are pictures to represent the inducements etc. but is there a list of what they mean?

I ask because I have a "+1" card currently in the game I'm playing but I don't know what it means (possibly fan factor?), but sometimes also the opposition has cards that I can't identify.

Wouldn't it be a handy addition if there was a mouseover popup label on these cards?

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Hi, the cards represent apothecary/necromancer, wizard, team rerolls, bribe, bloodweiser babe and fan factor.

The "+1" is indeed the fan factor.

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@Netheos isnt it Fame? Rather than Fan Factor

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@Kejiruze said in What do the cards mean ingame?:

@Netheos isnt it Fame? Rather than Fan Factor

Yep, my bad. It's FAME.

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