Idea: Rostered Inducement Gold

After finding out the things that Cyanide is most reluctant to alter about BB2, many of the "best" or at least "most fair" ideas related to the inducement phase of Blood Bowl simply became unlikely to see the light of day. Specifically, Cyanide does not want to add more steps to the pre-match phase (so, no petty cash phase) and they don't want to have to add to or even significantly alter the GUI if at all possible, which makes rostered inducements less hopefull.

Rostered Inducement Gold

During the management phase (which is to say... any time you could hire or fire players normally) you can add or remove gold from your "Rostered Inducement Pool". Added gold comes from your treasury. Removed gold is lost completely, so its a one-way trip for your gold. Any gold in your Rostered Inducement Pool (RIP from now on, since I'm sick of typing that out) counts toward your team's TV... gold in your treasury does not.

The pre-match Inducement Phase

During the inducement phase for a match, each team is given the gold in their RIP, but is otherwise not allowed to add gold from their treasury. The underdog also gets gold equal to the difference in TV as normal. No further gold can be added to the inducement phase by either team. The gold in the RIP is not lost during the match, it is available at the start of every match.

Why this works

Each team plays the match at exactly the TV they came into the match with, which was one of, if not the key intention of the original bank rules. Neither side actually alters their TV for the match, and neither side can add unanswerable cash to the match. The system also allows for the rostering of inducements without needing a complex GUI system to track specific rostered inducements, as what you are rostering is the gold for the inducement you think you'll want, and you'll have it available even if you're not the underdog.

Rostering inducement gold is also not particularly powerful, as inducements are inherently overpriced. That means that in general it is a better idea to keep your RIP empty.. it simply gives the option to teams that really benefit from a specific inducement (or believe they do) to guarantee access to it.

All alterations to the RIP are done between matches, and the only GUI needed is a counter of how much gold is in the RIP, and an add/remove funds system. No fancy graphics are needed for specific inducements.

Variations (optionals)

The 1:1 treasury->RIP could change after initial team creation in the way re-roll costs do, if people worry it is too versatile. The system isn't really all that versatile, it's just simple and fair while requiring very little GUI and actually further streamlining the pre-match phase.

There could be a cap on the RIP that could be static, or could depend on the roster. Given that the RIP is inefficient TV there isn't much of a reason to limit it (it represents exponential TV bloat).

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Absolutely works for me, as you know from discussion we've had before.

Very good. Better than most of the various inducement ideas.
Pretty much Galak's Bank without a Bank limit. Equivalent to Jervis Johnson Petty Cash phase in a scheduled league, though lacks the flexibility in blind MM(whether or not ppl view this as a + or - is subjective I guess).
Big problem is ofc the existing BB2 UI and (to a lesser extent but important to me for the future of the game)BB2016 rules, and for that reason my vote is for FFP.

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@JimmyFantastic said in Idea: Rostered Inducement Gold:

Pretty much Galak's Bank without a Bank limit.

Well, it's sort'v the inverse of the Bank rule, which counts everything that you DONT add to your little secondary account to your TV. I'd really like to see treasury no longer added to TV since it's A) silly 😎 in the way of stadium upgrading which Cyanide invented themselves and C) adds to the inaccuracy of TV overall.

@JimmyFantastic said in Idea: Rostered Inducement Gold:

Big problem is ofc the existing BB2 UI and (to a lesser extent but important to me for the future of the game)BB2016 rules, and for that reason my vote is for FFP.

Well, it takes a very small alteration to the GUI to implement, which was one of the key aspects. There's really no good system that only uses what's in place... FFP is really just half way between BB2016 and having no treasury involvement at the match level at all. It's a good house rule for the time being, but it's not a long-term solution for what they've decided to call the "streamlined" pre-match setup .

BB2016's system is bad. While there are plenty of things from BB2016 I'd love for them to adopt in BB2, the treasury->inducement aspect is not one of them.

At the end of the day, though, the RIP stuff is mostly about creating the potential for rostered inducements without the need for large-scale GUI alterations or additions which is, I suspect, why Cyanide didn't implement them before the t3 teams arrived. While I think it should be used instead of petty cash style inducement pool contributions, it could easily be used in conjunction with such things.

I am extremely tired right now but let me try to understand by an example:

  • The Overdog has TV 1500 and 500k in RIP (not related).
  • The Underdog has TV 1000 and 0k in RIP because it's a new team.

The Underdog gets 500k to spend during inducement phase and the Overdog too.

Am I getting it right?
Isn't it an issue for the Underdog then?

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@Naissun said in Idea: Rostered Inducement Gold:

The Underdog gets 500k to spend during inducement phase and the Overdog too.

No, the overdog's RIP is added to his TV for... everything, so either the 1500 is 1000+500 RIP, or his actual TV is 2000. The underdog who is 1000 TV would get 1,000,000 gold while the overdog would get 500,000... but then again, the maximum TV difference is 500, so such a match would never be arranged.

The entirety of the RIP is added to a team's TV for matchmaking and inducement calculation.

I should really stop attempting to read when my eyes are closing in the middle of the act.

RIP modifying TV makes it fine.
Nice idea Mike.

Great Idea! Would sort that broken petty cash/inducement phase out!

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