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I bought the Legendary Edition on PS4, and began playing recently. I played the original version last year, then stopped until now.

I started Eternal League with my old team. Played through all of Autumn, Winter, then got to the Bloodbowl qualifiers. Made it about halfway through the schedule, then the following morning switched on the PS4 and game to discover the error message in the title.

With great sadness I deleted the Bloodbowl 2 storage file on my PS4, which fixed the problem. Other threads here recommended doing that, as the only workaround.

So, I began all over again. Played Eternal League all the way up to the Bloodbowl semi final, came back the next day to play the final match, and oh...the error is back again.

What is the point of playing this game, exactly? I make a huge amount of progress, spending almost a hundred hours progressing through the Eternal League, only to find that there's a game-breaking error waiting for me and apparently the only fix to this issue is total deletion of all progress I've made.

Sure, I'm aware that I still have my team(s). All their progress in terms of levelling and team value etc is all saved. Even match replays from lost cups/leagues I was halfway through are all still there. However, every time this error appears (it's happened three times now during Eternal League) I lost literally all progress in ongoing cups/tournaments and have to start from the beginning all over again.

This is an unbelievably game-breaking bug that will kill everyone's interest in playing if you don't fix it or supply a workaround besides "oh don't worry, all you have to do is delete all your solo league history, it's not like any of that matters, right?"

This error never happened when I played the original version of BB2. It began after purchasing Legendary Edition and so far only seems to happen when I play Eternal League.

I was at the final of the Chaos Cup last night (Oct 2nd) and this afternoon wanted to complete that championship. Nope - here comes the error, destroying all my progress yet again.

Just in case there's a remote chance that you patch this incredible bug, I've saved my local storage saved data on a USB drive this time, ready to copy back across to my PS4 if you come up with any solution besides "oops, guess you're screwed lol. Kiss your solo campaign goodbye (again)".

Just as an additional point - I'm speculating here but perhaps the problem has something to do with the sheer quantity of information that playing Eternal League generates? I mean, when you begin the game spends ages creating around 128 AI teams, the after each game you play it has to create results/stats for all the games played by all those teams.

I once skipped a match in an Autumn tournament, leaving the competition I was currently part of. It took the game almost half an hour to then generate the results of all the games played within that competition, plus all the parallel competitions happening during the Autumn season. Maybe this is what's killing people's local saved data, i.e. corrupting it?

same problem
its not a fix if it all happens again a few days later

Whats the point in playing the game if you just need to start again every week or so?

Please can we have a real answer to this?

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Hi, thanks for the extensive report.

We're aware of the issue and are working on it. Unfortunately, technical issues depend on a variety of variables and settings, and we've not been able to reproduce the issue on our side yet.

It's a crucial step to develop a fix to the issue. Is there anything specific to your console setup? Something out of the ordinary?

A major bug fix update is coming next week on PS4 and Xbox One. It will fix various issues potentially entailing the server error you encounter. Meanwhile, we continue working on this specific issue to find a reliable fix for it.

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@casbyness Could you send us your saved data? What you saved on your USB drive. On We'll take a close look at it. Thanks!

Having this issue too. Completed the Autumn tournament and reached level 20, turned the PS4 on yesterday and now stuck with this... can't play the game at all and am loath to delete all my saved data and lose the teams I'd spent several months working on. Such a waste of time and money.

One_Neil - you won't actually lose any of the teams you have created and play with, or your replays, or all the stats (e.g. win/loss record, etc). You only lose your progress in the league and all the AI teams you were playing against.

@Netheos Where do I send the data to?

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@casbyness said in PS4 - problem creating or accessing profile:

@Netheos Where do I send the data to?

By private message on this forum to me and @focus_guillaume. Thanks!

I am now having this same issue. Hope you guys are getting this crap figured out. When is the patch incoming??

Yep, me too. Played a couple of games in eternal league earlier today, and now when try to start the game, I get this error...

i got the same problem on Xbox 1 ... any idea when your Expansion will work? on a side note i find it very disappointed to be sold a defective game.

I also have the same problem. I started the game this morning and no longer let me play. Do I have to delete the data?

Focus Team

What were you doing on your previous session?

On what screen did you leave the game: post-match of an eternal league? play in a league screen? main menu?
And how did you leave: quit the game? launch another game? turn off the console? going into sleep mode?
Disk or digital version?

Thanks for the information

edit: to "fix" the bug, you'll have indeed to delete your saved data, you'll keep all your teams but lose any league/campaign progress. It's a pretty radical solution so we're trying to understand what's going wrong but I can't manage to reproduce this issue on my side yet, so the more information I can get the better.

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I think I leveled a player after an Eternal League game (not sure), and I moved one player up in the roster, because there was a gap there due to a player I fired (lost STR)... could this have corrupted the profile?

I have had only one crash with the game so far, and this happened just when I moved a player in different place in my roster (with triangle?). The game let me do that, and then exited me in the PS4 screen. I was able to play after that, so I didn't think anything more of it... and it was with a team I have already deleted, as it was before the latest patch, so I started a new team for the Eternal league.

I was playing eternal league offline. I saved during my turn in a game, at the end of the rescue I closed the game and then the ps4. The game is in digital version. I closed the ps4 definitively

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Thanks for the details

@roma85 Do you always play in offline mode?
@Verderer Same question, do you play in offline or online mode? (online could be solo but connected to your account)

I've only played the Eternal League so far, I don't know which one it is, or can you set the mode in settings or something?

@focus_guillaume said in PS4 - problem creating or accessing profile:

Thanks for the details

@roma85 Do you always play in offline mode?
@Verderer Same question, do you play in offline or online mode? (online could be solo but connected to your account)

Yes. Only 1 match online

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