Jonathan Reid character customization?

I've been wondering whether we will be able to change Jonathan's hairstyle/beard, that would be pretty sweet and would add a bit to the RPG element of the game. I know that we would be able to change outfits considering that part of the pre-order DLC bonus contains an outfit.

Seems unlikely. Not that it is a bad idea, just that it feels like the game follows the story of a particular character, like Dante in DMC or Gerard in the Witcher. The character has its specific flavor in a specific setting from the get-go.

yeah, I'm ok with the look of Dr. Reid, but customization is my favorite feature in modern games... I always enjoy designing the look or "my version" of the main character.

That would be great!!!

Personally I prefer previous versions of the character... like the first one which appeared when the game was first announced!!!

@Orlando_Spencer Actually as you mentioned Geralt, it is possible to change his hairstyle/beard. And I think that yes, it's nice and doesn't destroy the feeling of playing a particular character and not just a character like in TES for example.

@WhiteNerine Yeah, I guess to a point you are right. To be honest, there's also the fact that deep customisation is a lot of dev work, which I think should rather be spent on story and plot, because of the nature of the gamestyle. I can easily use my imagination if Jonathan's looks aren't to my liking ( I may be biased since he kind of have similar features that I possess, like dark hair and the type of beard and hairstyle ). I guess if there's no base customisation at launch, that PC players will have mods available to them.

@Orlando_Spencer Yeah, I see your point and thete actually is something to it (tho I also can easily use my imagination even though I don't share anything, even sex, with Reid :D), I was just saying that character customization doesn't always make a feeling of playing a particular character any less realistic.

For what it's worth, the pre-order bonus DLC has an "exclusive" outfit so it can be considered as some kind of customization on a very basic level?

alt text

No idea if this DLC bonus will be the only extra outfit or if others are going to be in the game though.

According to the Lead designer, Florent Guillaume, you can't customize Reid. He said so in an interview with Gaming Bolt.

«You won’t be able to customize your character.» - Lead designer, Florent Guillaume


Outside of outfits/weapons/abilities, Dr. Reid won't be customisable.

I'm fine with just changing the outfit xD. Thanks for the reply.