Legendary Edition - bugs
  1. AI teams can run out of time when taking their turn, and nothing happens. A turnover does not occur. Sometimes this can result in the game never proceeding.

  2. Sometimes when an AI player completes a complex move (such as leaping over enemy players) the AI simply gives up and never continues its turn.

  3. If a player uses Pile On, it can actually rescue the receiving player from a worse fate. An initial block might cause death, but if the Pile On move is then applied and only causes a stun, this second roll overrides the first (bringing the dead player back to life).

  4. GFI dice symbols often appear under AI player movement squares, making it hard to tell when they are actually using GFI.

  5. Symbols above players still sometimes appear in multiple, organised in a long line in a random direction. This used to happen in the original game also.

  6. The countdown timer often gets in the way of dice roll graphics, forcing the user to change camera angle just to see what the rolled dice are actually showing.

  7. The camera reverts back to BB2 default angle/distance after any slow motion or close-range set piece.

  8. If a player suffers two injury/death results (e.g. they are injured by a block, then also injured again since the block pushed them off the playing field), if that player then succeeds their regenerate dice roll they will remain in the injured players Dugout instead of moving into the reserves Dugout.

  9. Existing teams don't seem to be able to change their jersey, therefore buying new jersey designs/colours is pointless unless you then start a new team.

  10. Stadiums can still only be equipped with a single upgrade, therefore improving them further is pointless.

  11. The options for Cheerleaders are still pathetic. Cheerleading teams should be fully customisable, with options for each race and the ability to define each member of the squad individually.

  12. Eternal League is suffering from a game-breaking bug that corrupts local saved data files, forcing players to abandon that game mode completely to avoid disappointment.

  13. Many of the "special" jerseys named after famous teams (costing double the price of other jersey designs) display completely inaccurate colours. For example the Chaos All-Stars' actual jersey has always been red and green, but within this game the red/green jersey is considered a regular option (for 20 Cyans) and the jersey named "Chaos All-Stars", costing 40 Cyans, is a different set of colours.

BB2 Champion Ladder Admin Team

3 is not a bug. Working as intended and as per the rules.

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