[XBOX] Does the game have weather? Especially rain? Can I turn off the fuel tank x-ray?

[XBOX] Does the game have weather? Especially rain? Can I turn off the fuel tank x-ray?


I've preorder the game (and convinced at least one friend) but I have two simple questions:

  • Does the game have weather? Especially rain?

  • Can I turn off the annoying fuel tank x-ray? It breaks immersion! It would be great to have an assigned button

The game looks AMAZING! I hope it feels the same way, end of October can't come soon enough!

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Weather: No, more than likely not coming soon. The xray effect hasn"t been mentioned for console. You'll have to look into that.

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Please search forum first, both things were answered already.
@Pavel said in Few words from developers!:

@Stellyan said in Few words from developers!:

Q1: Is possible to add in the future more destructive elements like wooden fences ?
Q2: Any plans for a weather system , rain and snow ?

Thanks .

A1: Adding more destructible elements to the environment is one of the top priorities for future improvements. I think its very important for a sandbox game like this.
A2: Rain and Snow is not something that can be easily integrated into current tech and gameplay. I know there are some mods but its not really how you do it...
So weather effects is not something you should expect in the nearest future, but its 100% planned and coming.

X-ray fuel tanks:
@Netheos said in Please Allow Us To Disable The Transparent Fuel Tanks.:

The devs are now aware that an option to turn off fluid transparency would be more than welcome - thanks for your feedback!

They added it to their to do list - it's likely to arrive in an update!

I searched but I didn’t find anything about weather and I wasn’t sure if the X-ray option was for console.

Do you think we will have the X-ray option in time for launch? That would be great, puzzles me how the devs didn’t include it in the first place.

Anyway, thanks for answers and keep up the good work! Normally when I post in a game forum I don’t get answers this fast!

I heard that the version that was in that game play video wasn't exactly correct. Those tanks aren't supposed to show all the time, just when relevant.

That’s good news, thanks!

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