Vehicle Presentation: Introducing the B-131!
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Spintires: MudRunner is the ultimate version of the million-selling indie hit Spintires, releasing on October 31st this year on PC, and for the first time on consoles.

Like Spintires before it, Spintires: MudRunner will put players in the driver’s seat of a variety of incredible all-terrain vehicles, venturing across extreme Siberian landscapes with only a map and compass as their guides.

In the lead-up to release, we plan to do a weekly presentation of the iconic vehicles from the game. We normally post these on Friday, but this week, we're posting it a day early! This will also be a great place to ask questions about the vehicle specifically, how it handles, and the niche it fills.


Vehicle Description:

The B-131 is a general purpose cargo truck built for transporting difficult loads over difficult terrain. Built conventionally,
the B-131 can carry a wide variety of attachments, making it a versatile vehicle for a range of jobs.

Game Stats:

The B-131 has a fuel capacity of 270L, and features differential lock and all-wheel drive. It can take up to 500 units of damage. Costing 2 balance points, the B-131 is a safe choice for a variety of jobs and fills up your roster nicely.



The B-131 is versatile and doesn’t specialise at anything. If you need a job done but don’t have a dedicated vehicle for it, you’ll send the B-131.


The B-131 isn’t the fastest vehicle, and it doesn’t have the strength to pull much, so you won’t be using it for quick rescues or refuels.



A utilitarian vehicle, the B-131 can field a wide variety of attachments, suiting it to any role.

These are:

  • Fireproof Exhaust – Allows vehicle to carry fuel
  • Fuel Cistern – Can carry Fuel
  • Fuel Semitrailer – Trailer that can carry Fuel
  • Garage Cart – Trailer that carries one Garage Part
  • Garage Parts – Carries two Garage Parts
  • Garage Semitrailer – Trailer that carries four Garage Parts
  • Garage Trailer – Trailer that carries two Garage Parts
  • Log Carriage – Trailer that can carry Short Logs
  • Log Carrier – can carry Medium Logs
  • Medium Log Cart – Trailer that carries Medium Logs
  • Short Log Trailer – can carry Short Logs
  • Spare Wheel – Carries repair points.
  • Trailer Hitch – Allows trailers to be pulled
  • Utility Attachment – Carries repair points.
  • Utility Semitrailer – Carries repair points.
  • Utility Trailer – Carries repair points.

You can pre-order Spintires: MudRunner now: Owners of Spintires will benefit from an exclusive 50% discount, on top of a 10% discount on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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Pretty capable lightweight truck, like it!

I played with it in Spintires as mod. It looks cool and it is big brother of 130 but that mod had weird sound engine. I am glad to have it in Mudrunner as in game truck.

  • а где обещанные видео? из салона....***

@Bogelman-Dmitry said in Vehicle Presentation: Introducing the B-131!:

  • а где обещанные видео? из салона....***

Вид из кабины будет в новом трейлере. Судя по всему, трейлер еще не готов.

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