Bloodlust failed blitzing vampire + wrestle + pick up fail
  • (1) I watched a stream earlier today and saw the opponent of a streamer blitz with their Vampire. After a failed Bloodlust roll, vampires still continued to blitzing a Skaven wrestle linerat. As a result Vampire got wrestled down on the pitch, but wasn't being removed from the pitch afterwards.

  • (1) As it happened, no turnover nor was the vampire being removed for the half, but instead the vampire reminded there for the reminder of the drive and the opponent wasn't able to activate it anymore (so mainly occupying a square from there on).

  • (2) After a failed Bloodlust roll, a vampire attempts and fails a ball pick up, but is still able to bite an adjacent thrall instead of the instant turnover and vampire going out for the drive.

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Hello, do you have a link to the video or replay references about the first bug? I can't manage to reproduce it.
#2 is now reported, thanks 🙂

Happened on TsukariYoshi's stream around 01:05:40 or so.