Hello Ladies and Gents!

I'm currently trying to figure out if there would be people interested in participating in a long league running similar to the NFL. The league would consist of 4 European Divisions and 4 North American divisions (if enough Oceanic players want in I will take one division of each conference and set it up with only Oceanic players)

The 4 divisions form a conference (European Blood Bowl Conference and North American Blood Bowl Conference). At the end of the regular season each division winner will face off against the other division winners of their conference to crown the Conference champion.

The 2 conference champions will then face off for the ”superbowl” and the championship as a whole.

What I'm trying to figure out now is first of all if there would be any interest in a league like this and secondly if people would prefer it to be run as a rez league or a Normal league with leveling up and injuries.

If you feel interested in the league please help me out by voiting on my strawpoll for the format and please feel free to contact me with suggestions or advice or just to show interest!

Strawpoll link: https://strawpoll.com/g435za2c

Preliminary signup sheet:

Rules for the league:

Cheers, Trolltyg

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