Winnings roll bug with new update

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Since the latest update this week (PC), all games that me and my friends have played in our tournament haven't shown the winnings roll popup screen after the game - which means the winner doesn't get the option to reroll.

We still get the money when the match is validated, and the winnings rolls can be seen in the advanced game management, but it's a bit frustrating when a few of us have rolled low and would have tried the reroll!

In case it makes a difference, every game we have played since the update has been human vs AI. The league is a regular round robin league with 9 human players and 7 AI

Focus Team

I can confirm, it seems to be a bug with Human vs AI multiplayer matches only.
Reported to the devs 😉

I know of at least two coaches over at ReBBl that are experiencing this, according to them, in Player vs Player as well.
We've been trying to get them reporting it here, so far to no avail.

I will get more information (what game) from them and get back here.

Just talked to both coaches, it's probably not the same issue, my apologies, they describe their issue as:

I can get to the end screen sometimes, but if I try to do anything it says I cannot connect to the server over and over.
Sometimes I can confirm, sometimes I cant.
One game it dumped me out as soon as the game ended.

They both think it's related to the countries they reside in, Korea and Thailand.
Here's an example game where it occured

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