Reusing AI teams in competitions

Hi, I recently started a league with a friend and once we finished a competition, I had no way of keeping the AIs in another competition. But when you read the Start New Season button, it says it will send invites to the teams that were in the competition. I can see the team but not add them. Is there something I missed or you really have to start with new AIs all the time ?

I hope there is a way to reuse them because our teams have a much higher TV than brand new AIs.

Ok, I finally answered myself. Since we got to 1800 TV, the new AIs have started having a minimum of 1800 TV and seem to be playing better as well. It's still sad to never see again some AIs because it is nice to recognize ennemies that you like or hate lol But I might be wrong and eventually they will come back? So the answer is simply continuing to play.

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