2 GFI's and a leap Kislev Catcher freeze

0_1507319453526_Kislev Catcher stuck.jpg

Did a leap and 2 gfis onto the ball in Eternal League.

After declaring the action it froze the game sort of and the timer kept running. At the end of the timer, he teleported on top of the ball and was unable to move or be moved via chain-pushing. it looked as though the AI could not blitz him either.
So it seems he was entirely unable to interact with.

Chain pushing did manage to knock the ball loose but now the catcher and wood elf lineman (image shown) are sharing the same square.

I was able to interact and foul the downed lineman, but the ai did not move the player (he was not stunned).

Community Manager

Hi, thanks for your report. On which platform do you play?

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