Pink/Purple screen after initial splash screen

After the initial splash screen I get a pink/purple screen with corrupted graphics. I have the newest 17.9.3 Raedon software.

If I install an older driver(v16 Raedon or the default one Windows 10 installs) the graphics are fine but I have poor performance due to a dated driver.

I have 0 issues with any other game.

alt text

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Hi, sorry to see that!

What's your graphic card? Would you have examples of games running well?

Hi Nethos,

It is an AMD Radeon R9 M390X.

It runs decent with uncorrupted graphics when I use an old Catalyst 16 driver but all other games not so smooth.

When I update the driver to any version of Catalyst 17 I get the corrupted graphics for Space Hulk only.

Its been over a week without a response...

This is not giving me hope that I will have an answer or a fix... probably going to have to get a refund. That really, really sucks.

I resolved this issue on my own. Even though my computer was telling me I had the latest drivers installed, a quick peak through the actual Radeon website showed me a newer driver available for my card. Once installed, I had no more issues with that.

Only now, whenever I am in combat, my FPS drops like a mother fucker.

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