Dump-off Blitz issue


yesterday I had a game when I got a Blitz Kick Off event as Dark Elfes. I placed my runner under the ball and he caught it. My oponent then blitzed my runner at which point it asked me if I want to use Dump-Off, I chose to use it and then selected one of my players next to him. The game gave me a message that that "player already make a move this turn" and then I could not do anything just wait untill the 30 second time expires and then there was no dump-off.

I uploaded the replay to wetransfer. https://we.tl/BwIKfTJNKt


Focus Team

Thanks for the report, it's a known bug on our side, you can't use Dump-Off when you got the ball from the Blitz event (only during the first opponent turn).

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