Should i sack my skaven thrower.

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Should i sack this guy, I love him and my aim was to create a long range thrower, however i never do long range passes... there isnt an opportunity. So he morphed into a pressure ball collector which works well. Picking up the ball in crowds and throwing it out, however he gets injured pretty much every match now with his dodgy knees. Im thinking at 150k hes giving the opponents a wizard each game. So should i sack him off?
Hes out for the next game as he got his eye gouged by an ogre, so i have a bit of time to think about it.

From what i know, he is safer at long range throws than a av5 linerat, as in hes less likely to fumble?

Secondary question do you think 2 subs for skaven is too much?

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Yes afraid so, once armour is broken he is injured on an 8 (7 if it is a mighty blow hit) and removed from the pitch on a 6 - 5 with MB.

So it is time to send him home to the nest to die.

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He's still useful, but for a long ranger passer you probably want Safe Throw. For a ball scrambler, Dump Off is a good skill.

2 subs are fine for Skaven and any other fragile team.

delete , he is a prime target

Thanks for all the advice, i played the first game with him injured and won, against the same team. This time my opponent didnt get a wizard and i beat him 2-1 (should have been more damn you nuffle)

I decided to follow your advice and retire him as he was getting beaten every match and didnt get much chance to impact the game.

The next 2 games i won and drew respectively when i had lost him so it was a good move! Trying to keep 2 subs also but its expensive buying replacement rats nearly every match at the moment. So many bashy teams in the league... where are the nice teams?

Paying for subs will at least keep a lid on spare cash...

Haha I'm trying to save up for elf turf! One more match without injuries and I have enough for it!