[bug] end of game mvp result

Playing eternal
The end of game result is blank .
See picture
0_1507481366568_end of game result.jpg

Very annoying (new) bug.
Stopped me from being able to get a Rotter after I killed an opponent during match (using Nurgle's Rot).

Focus Team

Did you notice it everytime?
In eternal only? What competition exactly?

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eternal so far , but admitingly i have no time to play multi at the moment so i genuinly can t say

Focus Team

Did you use the save & quit feature?

@Focus_Guillaume I may . WIth limited time my games are 20 min here and there , so I may have done it for that particular match . I can 't recall for sure but i use that feature a lot as well as pause due to kid running around

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I do not use save & quit.
Playing eternal league, single player, happens randomly.

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