I wonder how violent/gory this game will be?

Being a Werewolf game, I'm anticipating this game will be extremely gory and violent featuring brutal fatalities on enemies like actually ripping enemies apart, innards showing, a Werewolf ripping out a enemies horn and shoving them into their eye socket, pools of blood and gore everywhere.

I wonder if this game is going to be like God of War/Brutal Doom/etc level of brutality or even more so?

Whatever the case, it would make horror film fans happy especially since Werewolves are known to slash and rip and tear everything in their path especially shown in films featuring Werewolves like Dog Soldiers and such.

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I actually hope they go easy on the gore and don't turn it into a splatter. I don't think that gore is a problem in itself but its really only a nice visual part that shouldn't be a key component of the game.

And yes, Dog Soldiers was a pretty cool movie.

Have you seen the concept art for the enemies? They look like something out of Silent Hill.

Can't say that I have yet looked to closely on the concept art but I know about the Wyrm, fomori and stuff like that.

Gore shouldn't be avoided, but the idea of "savage horror" has been the phrase always associated with the concept. So I'd like to see more of the twisted, gruesome, sick concepts of the Wyrm to be stronger than just going overboard with blood fountains and such.

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