Help me answer some questions...

I would like your opinion on these questions:

  1. When does it benefit to not start the first half, and why? (even if you win roll, you let the other guy attack)
    Some races benefit from starting the first half? TV level/team development affect this?

  2. If you are "lucky" enough to decide who starts the first half. How much does this influence in % affect the outcome of the match when the players are about equal skilled? (Ex in chess having white pieces gives on average about 55% winrate) The % of influence on outcome is affected by what races meet? In this case, what is your estimate of the maximum % benefit that starting/not starting first half can give?

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If your team is built to kill, and you're facing a team built to die then receive, cage up and pound...or kick off, force them to score early then cage up and pound.

If you're built to score and you're facing a team built to kill, receive and run for as long as you can. Then hope you've enough players left to survive until turn 16 and go for the 1TT.

If both teams are equal, I'm not sure it matters.

I could be wrong though...

Regarding the second question I'd say 14.25%.

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To kick off or receive...

Generally speaking, bash teams will benefit from receiving the ball (especially since LRB5), giving them 1st crack at doing what they do best...killing mens.

That being said there's plenty of examples where kicking the ball may be of benefit, for example a blodge heavy elf team facing a poorly built bash team (no tackle) - this of course, as with everything else in BB carries risk...How many times have you won the toss, dribbling in anticipation of all the death and carnage you are going to inflict...then you get Blitzed!

With experience comes an understanding of when you should kick/receive...For me personally though I probably receive when winning the toss 9/10 times, regardless of the team I am playing (which is chaos btw)

As for my estimate of the percentage that kicking/receiving gives you? After carefully factoring in all the possibilities and employing my considerably large I.Q. to complete the calculation, my answer is...Who gives a toss about the percentage? I leave percentages of success/failure to the stat monkeys that get all moist over Samba...whatever floats your boat & all that 😉

And I loved the example about the white chess pieces...I think it's totally stupid but it made me chuckle - It's probably not as stupid as grown men (and the odd girl) playing Blood Bowl 🙂

When i played a lot of dwarfs (1½ year or so ago) i usualy did the kickoff vs fast and agile teams and did recieve vs bashing teams. Push the agility team to score quickly (even let them do it if you can without being to obvious what you are doing if you can not stop them in a turn or two) so you have a lot of time to score your self then just stall the second round for a 2-1 win.
VS Bash and you play bash you really want those first hits in to maybe remove a plyer or two.

When playing elves I like to kick against bashers since it will let me stop their drive with 11 players at the start of the drive. Scoring can be done with less men.

If I receive against bash I need to be able to stall , score and then stop their drive with reduced men ...

This does however not feel like the best idea those times you get 4 men removed on turn 1...

Against squishy teams I receive if I got a big enough bash advantage to do the stall without losing men.

Ther is no absolute truth as this can be linked to your strategy (will you try to counter? strike first and try to score fisrt and force your opponent to play under pressure, etc....)

But From My experience, it is better to receive first in most case.

If you play an an agile team, it give you more chances to score and finish the Half with sufficient number of players to have a decent chance to defend in second half

If bash team it allow to give opportunity to reduce the opposition by striking first.

I have also noted the best coach are usually not afraid to receive first, when average coaches usually tend to give the initiative to the opponent.....

I tend to go for "receive first" as well. One factor that can affect the decision is weather - generally it's better to let the other guy deal with pickup penalties first. Sweltering Heat is an exception, as the first drive may be the only one where you have 11 on the pitch.

You may also want to take charge against secret weapons, though a cunning player may just leave them in reserve if they kick.

I like to kick first when either I or the opponent have/has a (near) natural oneturner on a 12 player squad. Having him guaranteed for turn 8 OTTD is great. Say he has the OTTD as 12th player and I kick, kill one of his guys, then he's forced to field his oneturner on turns 9-15, which gives me a very good chance at removing him before he ever gets the chance to OTTD on turn 16. 😃

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I asked this question and I think there is no real set answer. I would say think this if you win the toss.

Can I get the ball off the enemy?
Do They have subs?
Are they a better team than you?
Can you do 1 turn td?
Can they do 1ttd.
Am I going to fight better with the ball to worry about or without?
Do They have a chainsaw etc and few subs?

I think usually as an agility team even it can be better to receive and attack. The opponent concentrates on getting the ball and you can do some damage on attack. But then the flip argument is defending with a full team so kicking to them... they then have to defend the ball so you have less men to worry about.

As a fighting team it can be better to attack usually. You can score and beat them to a pulp but then on the flip side they could get the ball from you etc.

It's dependent on a lot of factors. There isnt really a set answer imo. Keep a track of how you do in each situation to see?