Tweaking Brets 2.5 (Pre-LE Special Edition)
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    Played a lot of the Bretonnian team by now and learnt to appreciate their quirks a lot more. Because of that I'll keep it even simpler this time around. Pretty much everything has been said on the now archived forums anyway.

    Here's how I'd like to see Brets changed for Legendary Edition:

    • Re-rolls: 50k (currently 70k)
    • Wrestlers (Blockers/Yeomen): gain Jump Up
    • Knights (Blitzers): AV9

    Justification: Brets are just overpriced. 70k RRs may make sense for teams with 40k Linemen traditionally, but Peasants are simply not worth 40k. Wrestlers need Jump Up if they're supposed to be a viable alternative to comparable strength players. With Jump Up their price could be increased to 80k if they turn out to be too strong. Finally the Knights, who are supposed to be the heart and soul of the team, would actually become unique and somewhat outstanding players with agility access and AV9. I also very much like the idea of Peasants, Yeomen and Knights having an armour value of 7, 8 and 9 respectively - the armour gradually increasing as we move up the Bretonnian society.

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  • Well,

    I think reducing the RRs is a really good one and most likely the only one that has chance to get done.

    The Knights with AV 9: I like it a lot, but as we all know there arent not enough people happy about that tweak.

    Jump up on Yeomen: Nah, I think its overpowered and also not cool.

    Just my thoughts,

    Frog : )

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    I could get behind a reduction in reroll price.

  • I'd rather see the AV change, if I had to pick something.

  • I feel like 4 blodge av 9 pieces is a little much

  • @Tizzle-Bizzell Not when the rest of your team is overpriced and easy to remove. Not to mention that the Knights are supposed to be the stars of the team. Giving them a 7-3-3-9 stat line would make them a unique and powerful unit. If this turns out to be too strong (which I personally highly doubt, especially when Wrestlers stay the way they are), raise the price of Knights to 120k.

    Still, the most important and simple change is changing the RR cost to 50k for Brets and that simply has to happen before anything else.

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  • At av 8 and wrestle the blockers I don't think are so squishy, add four av9 Blodgers to that mix and I'd say it's a lil much, but that just my opinion. I do agree that the rerolls being 70k is too harsh,60k seems appropriate to me as we start loaded to the gills with skills at the out go

  • I agree. 4 AV9 STR/AG access players seems really powerful. I think the reduction in RR price likely makes sense. If anything were to happen to Bretts before LE (which I doubt), that's likely the only change I see as reasonable.

    After LE comes out and we get data of all the teams performing against eachother then it might be more reasonable to address other changes if the data shows them performing poorly overall.

  • @Javelin Knights have GAP access. Strength only on doubles.

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