I Am Eager for News

And that's an understatement. I am playing technomancer atm, and cannot compliment enough the cleverness of the setting, the ideas and artwork that went into that game. I would love an option to put Greedfall on my wishlist asap. I would love to see more written about it in anticipation or some sort of teasers from the developers, artists and writing staff.

Best of luck, and stay awesome!

Community Manager

Hi, thanks for the kind words! We'll unveil more about GreedFall in the coming months, but the team is in the core of the development for now.

Have a nice day!

Which social media would be used to disseminate the information in the upcoming months? I am following the tweeter feed for Greedfall, will that be the primary go-to for news/updates/reveals for the game?

Community Manager

Hi, you can find the main social networks for GreedFall news in the top right corner on this page:


Twitter it is then. Well, back to waiting and watching for me. May it go Gold soon & without much crunch. 🙂

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