settings to adjust skill overlay transparency level

I love the skill over lay options, but sometimes it covers up way to much of the area. I also like that I only need to see upgraded skills, that was a great added feature. I would like to see an option to adjust the skills overlay from 1% to 100% so that I can pick how much of the skill icons I want to see visible.

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yeah, I would also like that the frame behind the skills when there are five, six or seven skills to be adjusted to that sizes instead of always having the fixed size for eight skills, occupying empty space

I still don't understand why 1 skill takes up 1 tile while 5 skills take up 8 tiles. It's the big guys and highly skilled players that cover up the most of their screen with the tiles, so it's between 5 and 8 tiles that is the most important to not take up more space. If you can scale 1-4 why can't you scale 5-8?