[PC] - Extra rerolls?
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Playing a league match tonight I had used none of my 4 RR and scored my 2nd TD late in the 2nd half. On lining up for the kickoff I noticed I now had 5 rerolls - this was before any kickoff events and I had no inducements. The kickoff table result was cheering fans and we both got rerolls, and the game showed me as having 6 rerolls now!

I've not seen this before with this team, and all that has changed since last match is I took Leader on my thrower when he levelled. This is a link to the zip file containing screenshots of 5 and 6 rerolls (dicelog shown) as well as the gamelog file and the replay.

Focus Team

Hi, thanks for the report!

There is still an issue with Leader, I'm pretty sure the repro would be:

  1. The Leader player is KO during the first half
  2. He didn't return at the beginning of the second half
  3. He woke up later during the half, and add 2 rerolls instead of one

Did it match your situation?

BB2 Champion Ladder Admin Team


I didn't put the Leader on at all during the first half. He was on from the start of the second half through to the end of the match.

Focus Team

Hmm ok, so when you put him on the pitch at the start of the second half, you had only 3 team rerolls + the leader reroll?

And the extra leader reroll came after a TD, while the Leader player never leave the pitch during this time?

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