Improvements in the survival conditions of Stunty

When we decide to dodge a player with Tackle, allow the Stunty to use a team reroll instead of Dodge which automatically misses

BB2 Champion Ladder Admin Team

You should be able to already with any player. Tackle merely prevents the use the Dodge reroll rather than causing it to fail. Since the roll has not yet been rerolled the TRR should be available to use.

When i try to dodge, with manual setting, the game ask me if i want to use Dodge skill. If i choose yes, then the reroll will failed due to Tackle. If i choose no, then i can't choose to reroll with team reroll 😞

BB2 Champion Ladder Admin Team

I just tested this. If you fail the first roll you are asked if you want to use Dodge. If you do then your opponent is then asked to use Tackle. If he does then the dodge is failed (it is not rerolled) and you are offered a team reroll. Working as intended.

The only think I can think is you've already used your TRR that turn.

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