Stadium upgrade "bank"


For final two upgrade/s of the stadiums I suggest a "bank", Bank of Altdorf?, where you can put deposits. The deposits can not be withdrawn and do not count for your TV.

This way you don't need to fight with a big cash penalty on you, but still work to get the final upgrade of the stadium.

Also when I want to see "better" stats after a game. I want the following:

  • The total % of each rolls for each player, specially the roll of 1
  • I also want to know the overall % of blocks that lead to knock down for each team
  • Maybe an overall calculation of who was most lucky in % (all sucessful actions/failed actions)
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It would be much more easier if they would just use the new systems from the BB2016/DZ. They have stadiums, sponsors, and the feature you are proposing as well (you can "freeze" some money on separate "account" specifically to save for a stadium). You can even take a loan to buy a Stadium there 🙂 Though under the new rules there are no Stadium upgrades. Instead stadiums comes in a lot of flavors, which are assigned randomly first (so you just discover a non-standard stadium from time to time), and then you can make it home stadium, rent it or buy it. So you pay for a stadium there, instead of upgrades.

I think just implementing this part of new rules would be much sane and reasonable than re-inventing all this from scratch.

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