Dixie Horn.

Ok I downloaded the dixie horn (mp3) then googled mp3 to wav converter. it converted and downloaded. I renamed it to honk_light and placed it in the media/sounds/trucks folder. you can make your own custom horn sounds

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@08_jk_ why though? You could just open the mp3 in your player and save it as wav..

It only took a few seconds the way I did it. and didn't know you could do it the way your talking about. also I just looked into it and I do not have my media player set up. either way works I guess.

I'm still trying to figure out how people got radio sounds on the original spintires i havent figured that one out.

this car had a car stereo when you turned it on.

I do not know anything about modded vehicles. but in the media/sounds/game maybe cockpit or driver cloth- driver cloth loop. maybe but that would be for every vehicle I would assume.

@SmarOneNine apparently it's linked to the BrakeRelease tag, there's this line inside the sounds tag:

<BrakeRelease Sound="f85hjfh" />

and these sounds inside the "sounds" folder are 4-5 minute long .wavs with the music


@hydrowasul interesting, thanks for checking that out man.

I remember making the dixie horn in the original game.

From memory you have to convert to a mono channel .wav file and call it honk_small.wav (or something similar)

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