Fix the Bloody "Goblin Master" Achievement Already

So if you look at Xenohenheim's profile, he has exactly 3 post here on the forum and 2 of them are in this thread. He's no longer interested in talking to us.

I think both FHE and Cyanide are now deliberately ignoring this problem. This is due to the fact that they've already got our money, so they don't care about our displeasure.

At this point, we may have to switch to posting in the fora for any of their new games that we won't be buying them until they fix Styx. Be sure to mention you'll do what you can to make sure others do not buy their games either.

I managed to get TA to flag the achievement as unobtainable so that the flag shows up whenever the game goes on sale, and at XBA I always mention the game has an unobtainable in the articles they post about game sales that include Styx: SoD.

Maybe if we can manage to affect them financially on future titles, they'll reconsider it being "too expensive" for them to fix "Goblin Master".

Maybe we can get our money back... The game is BROKEN (as achievements are part of the game, part of the code) and devs here confirm it, as well as that they WILL not do anything about it. In this case for those who have payed for this game with credit cards- there is something like chargeback 😉
Maybe they will finally understand that they can't sell broken games and get away with it.
Also, Xenohenheim, this is the last Styx game I've ever bought. Broken co-op, broken achievements... and you're talking about testing and "polishing the game" ? !

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Funny how this thread has 2.7k views, which is at least 1k more than ANY other thread on the Styx:SOD forum (not just technical forum but out of any forum regarding Styx:SOD). Xenohenheim "Focus Team" replied over a year ago and still nothing has been done. Tried submitting a support ticket with Focus HI but since they don't actually develop the game they don't amount to much in the form of help. Tried emailing Cyanide Studios (again) just to be directed to Focus. It's just a massive redirect by both the developer and publisher. Guess this is the "support" we can expect in the future for FHI and Cyanide games. Good to know for future reference at least, I guess.

Having this unobtainable achievement present in this game has prevented me from purchasing the game even though I loved the first Styx game. It will also prevent me from purchasing Call of Cthulhu from them as the developers have shown that they have no desire to support their games on the Xbox Platform. As a member of both and, I really cannot support games developers that refuse to fix broken aspects of their games.

Approx. 14 months and STILL counting for when this achievements will get fixed.


We need this achievement to be unlockable. Your fan base, YOUR fan base, take the completion of their games very seriously, it's a big think. Plus considering a fair chunk of people will have bought this game at full price you cannot just tuck and run with our money and not offer any support.
The deal then is this.

I will go and buy vampyr right now, currently ÂŁ40.99 in uk, IF you pledge to fix this achievement over time. Not tomorrow or today, just pledge to fix it. We all have staff issues at work but no one lets me drop a ball in my job and let me watch it roll away while I shrug my shoulders.

Deep breath, big boy pants on, maximum effort!.

I would not buy Vampyr that has at least 2 glitches achievements thanks to the lazy programmers not doing there job

Well, looks like Cyanide Studios has been/will be bought by Bigben Interactive. So if Focus Interactive isn't willing to pull their head out of their ass to fix this; I really doubt the new publisher can put in LESS effort than Focus but then again that's a low bar to try and trip over.

Approx. 17 months and counting...since this HASN'T been fixed.

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