Stats question in dice rolls

So in the dice roll post match menu. I know most of the rolls are for me but who are these following rolls?


And what do they mean ie casualty 2 sucess and 1 fail. 66%. Is that meaning I hit 3 players, broke armour and only 2 were cas. Or 3 of my players were casualties. So confusing. Thanks!

Armor: If you break armor on a hit or not.

Injury: Stuns/KO

Casualty: BH and above. Atleast that is how i have understood it.

But it might also be that Injury is up to and including BH and Casualty is permanent damages. I cant really remember, i dont look at that part of the stats very often.

Those rolls are in fact for your own team, so not how often you inflicted armourbreaks/injuries/casualties but how often you sustained them. Pretty counterintuitive, especially when in the rules it is the other way around.
As to what they mean: armour is pretty straightforward, every hit causes an armour roll. On success of that you get an injury roll, failure here means stun, successes KO or casualty. Now failures on the casualty roll mean badly hurt, successes permanent damages.

Thanks guys that makes them more useful. Wish they stated who they were lol. I've been trying to figure it out for ages.