Need a Cabalvision resurrection leauge now!

Once my Ogre team approached TV 1800 I start to get the teams that are just made for killing and maiming. I understand this is one of the "fun" things you can do in this game. But it's not fun to see your hard grinded heroes die or get permanent injuries. And of course the "maimers" giggle and laugh each time your guys get serious dmg on them.

And it's just this, "waiting for a team to destroy and chuckle" sad story a resurrection leauge with spp and money gain could "fix". Somebody agrees with me that this "build to destroy other teams" stuff is bad for the game?? 😞

To add some player replacements you could add age career ending with a "random" age for retirement. After a certain age there is a chance your player retire, but you can't lose more than 1 player each match limit. And it needs to be a Cabalvision leauge, this is important.

The way I feel just now is to stop playing my beloved ogre team due to this. The risk of meeting a guy that just want to maim my players as much as possible is too big... 😞 This takes the fun away from me, and how many others??

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There has been plenty of call for this, but they're still dragging their feet on rez + progression, unfortunately. I imagine it'll come in time though.

You are not alone. I'm perfectly fine with what we have now but I understand why some may want a rez league with progression.

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