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Greetings all, this is just a repost from the old forum as I am recently getting back into the game but am also not too sure how it has shaped up thus far. So am just carrying this post over as it may, majorly, or minorly still be relevant in some circumstances.

Greetings children of the god-emperor of mankind as well the imperium.

I have a suggestion, specifically to alter/enhance the authenticity, difficulty, and finally the progression and arsenal-usage system. This is ultimately, hopefully, to the effect of making the gameplay more engaging (notice the word "engaging" not "fun") for the fanbase attracted to this game from Warhammer 40k. As we all know this is a niche fiction and the studio is no doubt relying on the fanbase to ultimately support the game but also allow newcomers to enjoy - but as we all know if one attempts to please everyone, no one is happy due to half-taken measures and actions.

So, my brothers and sisters, the suggestion is this:
Authenticity perhaps to a hardcore, or at least realistic degree.
Essentially, alter the manner of the gameplay loop of progression.

1. Allow the entire arsenal available to the 1st company, Deathwing that is present to them at the beginning of each deployment.

Upon whatever battle-barge, space station or other vessel they are barracked within before deployment to Olethros to be available at the onset of each deployment. Or, if the mobile armoury is located within a insertion zone/beachhead of the Olethros - whichever, allow the entire arsenal to the terminators at the beginning of every mission.

2. However, introduce finite ammo, weapon condition/degradation.

Through this, say a genestealer or hybrid hits the model of the weapon and therefore damages said weaponry through swipe, stubber, bioweapon-acid, or psyker abilities - then from said damage the weapon is just that - damaged. Further damage increases the % chances of a malfunction or jam, or even at critical damage - destruction of weapon. Of course, make the weapons fairly durable as we will be soaking up much damage as terminators. This coupled with finite ammo will require the tactical depth that can only currently be showcased in the beta when friendly fire is on, adding these functions will assure said tactical depth all the time, despite the difficulty or options enabled via lobby. Forcing a slow, methodical approach to assaulting Olethros, as opposed to this fast paced, headbutting pace I've seen some do, and be rewarded in doing, in the beta. Said finite ammo should be generous but not infinite, perhaps limit the supply to a degree where a resupply at the mobile armoury is required at least once per mission. Same with weapon damage, ranged weapons should be durable enough where if one is not being damaged and killed multiple times in a mission, then they should only be required to return once to repair a weapon. However, due to the nature of melee weapons, lack of moving parts, and of the material in which melee weapons are made of - shields and melee weapons should be durable enough where only continued damage from a warrior-strain or brood lord will require a repair.

From this further additions can be thought of, for example - environmental variables.
Due to finite ammo and the nature of the vessels being traveled through, an imperial guard vessel may not house any ammo caches to resupply bolter or assault cannon weapons - emphasizing the importance of accuracy and ammo conservation and therefore placing a higher importance as to when to return to the mobile armoury. But however, an astartes vessel will house various ammo caches - allowing one to be more generous with his application of death.

3. Restrict each class to one player.

4. Remove the "Inventory" feature in multiplayer and replace it with the Librarian's psygate usage to the mobile armoury.

Through this coupled with the above two suggestions will assure the mobile armoury is utilized through the librarians teleportation through a psygate. Remove the inventory function in multiplayer and have it be replaced through this. Sure this introduces an element of players relying on one class and the person in said class, but that already occurs, people rely on the apothecary just the same. Through a competent tutorial and adding an additonal callout action in the radial menu such as "I require the mobile armoury", then similar to the apothecary, quick communication to achieve this can be realized. Thus this unique cooperation and dependency on each class will be showcased much more so then it is in multiplayer, essentially making every player unique in his importance every time depending on said class, as opposed to the current two or more heavy weapon specialists who fill the same role as an example, in the beta.

5. Then introduce a level of fatigue or weariness from the Librarian's psygate usage.

Say perhaps the Librarian has X number of times per deployment he can rely on astropaths to guide his squad through the immaterium back to the mobile armoury, or has a time where he must rest that usage less take damage and be vulnerable to temptations of the ruinous chaos. That through the suggestion 3 and the aforementioned others, adds another additional layer of teamwork that is only currently represented through the apothecary and his cooldown to the rest of his squad. Suggestions 3, 4, 5 and 6 essentially force teamwork, similarly to how having a apothecary is required, now all classes are required as only one can be each class. Emphasizing people WHO know what they are doing to be Librarian/emphasizing people TO know what they are doing as Librarian/emphasizing people to TEACH and MAKE SURE people know what they are doing as Librarian and carry that philosophy to the rest of the classes. This will further enhance the teamwork in the game.

Through all of this and the removal of the multiplayer inventory feature, visits to the mobile armoury or called "inventory" in multiplayer will not be as frequent, but will occur and be an important aspect of gameplay - to communicate to each other to assure an effective use of teleporting back to the mobile armoury. (IE: Communicating amongst each other to teleport to the mobile armoury only when most or all of the squad are low on ammo, or if a brother's weapon is destroyed as the Librarian can only do it so many times during a deployment/or there is a decent waiting time between usage.)

6. Full-circle, restrict resupplying (besides Olethros caches), weapon selection, class swapping as well as weapons being repaired to occur only at the mobile armoury and for weapon repair require a objective, number of objectives, set of objectives or until the deployment is completed before the weapon is repaired and available.

This way players can utilize what they want when they want as long as they want - as long as it doesnt get damaged to a degree where it is inoperable. But if it does get damaged to that degree or destroyed, the player must wait, complete a goal and progress while being forced to utilize another weapon - this can be construed as the time waited for a weapon being repaired or the time waited for a replacement weapon to be prepared. This way, the concept of progression to spread out the usage of content avaliable in-game to increase longevity and player interest of game is still kept. So, say my spear of caliban is destroyed, upon returning to the mobile armoury I must wait until the end of the deployment or until the next X completed objectives until it is repaired. Now I'm forced to utilize the "lesser" equipment such as the storm bolter. Same concept of progression currently, where one has to arbitrarily kill X amount of tyranids until he can equip "superior" or different weaponry. Same concept, however, more engaging as it is more believable of a reason for limitation/restriction when and if it occurs.
I am aware this may be a bit controversial, that is why as opposed to an actual time limit, the requirement be to wait until the end of deployment or after the next or next number of objectives are completed.

So in my opinion, the loyal fanbase that will stick with the game through X months and further support continual, post-release development will be those who are learned of the fiction, so we cater to them first and foremost and let those newcomers who are still enticed - be enticed. As opposed to trying to make it appealing to the largest audience they can which is denoted and represented from the gameplay decisions made within the gameplay loop thus far.

Of course this ( if it should occur) will take place post-release, and that is fine as what is currently here is serviceable. It is also fine if this is developed into a separate difficulty or gamemode.

Thank you Streum On studios for the amazing game and thank YOU for reading this.

Other Suggestions -

  1. Terminator dismemberment.
    Applies as a % chance when close to death, an entire section of armour protecting a limb is fubar, and upon that limb recieving further damage. Lose an arm but a apothecary heals you within X seconds afterwards - your alive for some time longer due to ignoring the pain and bloodloss and essentially serves as a last stand before death, allowing a player to act as a decoy and beacon of meat for tyranids and die in a blaze of glory. Same for losing a leg, but one can crawl and another brother can drag you into a worthy position of distraction and sacrifice.
    Essentially incorporating a dynamic, grimdark mechanic of increasing survival for the squad upon the loss of a squad mate should the variables be in-place for it occuring.
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