North American TTS League

For those of you who are on the other side of the pond. May I introduce to you the North American TTS League!? We have been in operation for over 4 years and counting and have produced some of the biggest names in Blood Bowl 2.

Please feel free to check out our website

Even if you're new to the game, we're here to help! I especially love watching games and will review them with you if you would like. So come on by! North American TTS League, where we bring smiles to your pain.

I joined NATTS a season ago and immediately was welcomed and became part of an amazing group of coaches and friends. We have a lot of top coaches, average coaches and those new to the game.

If your an amazing coach that is looking to play the best NATTS can meet your needs. If your new to the game the league is a great environment to learn the game and have fun.

Recommend this league to anyone that plays in the North American time zones.

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