Start of the Champion Ladder Season X!

Hey Coaches,

We're pleased to announce the start of the Champion Ladder Season X!

The release of a major bug fix update this month solved the last remaining technical issues linked with the release of the Legendary Edition and we're happy to have the official Blood Bowl 2 competition back with a prize pool!


The Champion Ladder Season 9 was the first season post-Legendary, congratulations to the 32 teams qualified for the Play-Offs! We can't wait to see how our beloved goblins and halflings are gonna do in the Champion Cup!

A few useful links for the Champion Ladder Season X:

Have fun on the pitch,
Cyanide Studio & Focus Home Interactive

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Great News !

Have you already decided at what date season X will end ?

How do I entry with Ps4?

@manson Yes i am new to this game please help

@manson said in Start of the Champion Ladder Season X!:

How do I entry with Ps4?

Main Menu > Play in a League > Select a team > Join competition (bottom right corner) > Multiplayer > Cabalvision Official League >Champion Ladder X

Keep in mind that you can't concede more than 6 times in a season on PS4. That's a coach limit, not a team limit. Good luck!

Can't play from European servers?

I hear that the Champion Cup games are streamed. Where can I watch them?