Special Mission Ideas. Post your Mission

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Everyone that has a good idea for Special Missions should write it down here. We did this on the old Forum and it worked Great!
So many good ideas. Just post a Name and the Idea. The more varity the better!

Escort Brother (randomly selected)
One Member of your Squad or an Ai Terminator gets selected, which has completely damaged legs and must be Escorted from A to B. There will be a dispatch of Adeptus Mechanicus Forces waiting at a set Location where the said Player needs to repair his Armor. The Player thats gets his Legs repaired cant move for a set duration, but can still shoot and use his skills. In ther Meantime the others defend him and the Adeptus Mechanicus!

Malfunctioning Ranged Weapons
It is a dark Day, for the Deathwing, Heresy spreads across the Hulk...
Some unseen Force has made your Ranged Weapons Jam a lot more than usual. That means you and your brothers have to Fight your way out with mostly Melee only. Every one is only able to shoot around 4 shots depending on their Weapon. Just enough that you can shoot Nids, so they wont block and you can slay them in Glorious Melee.
This would make Perks like: Receiving no" Critical Hits " or " Hits cant be blocked " even more viable. No one knows when this Mission Popps up so a good variety of Perks in your Squad is needed more than ever.
AlsoFocused Classes can have their fare share aswell 😉

Please Brothers share your Ideas in the Name of the Emperor!

Hi everyone. good idea this thread!

Then I post my ideas

Legacy of fallen
The squad has to reach the remains of a squad of fallen dark angels (randomly located) who was equiped with an old and archaïc weapon from the age of Horus heresy (conversion beam for exemple).
The squad has to get the weapon and bring it back to Belial so the DA techmarines can examinate it.
The fun/interest would be:

  • The extra weapon ONLY available in this mission (not on campaign nor MP) and ONLY to the terminator who would get and carry it to the extract point. He would have to change his regular weapon for the archaïc one (assault terminator wouldn't be allowed to carry it). This archaïc weapon should have devastating fire power (heavy damage, high anti armor, decent AOE) but very low rate of fire/long cooldown/very low ammo.
  • In a way, the rest of the squad would have to protect the player bearing the archaïc weapon to the extrac point. If the player bearing the archaïc weapon is killed, someone else must get it (and then, lose his regular weapon).

L'héritage des déchus
L'escouade doit rejoindre les cadavres d'une escouade de déchus (aléatoirement localisée) qui était équipée d'une ancienne arme datant de l'hérésie d'Horus (un faisceau de conversion par exemple).
L'escouade doit récupérer cette arme et la ramener à Belial pour que les techmarines du chapitre puisse l'examiner.
Le fun et l’intérêt seraient:

  • Une nouvelle arme UNIQUEMENT disponible pour cette mission (pas en campagne ni en MP) et SEULEMENT pour le terminator qui la récupèrerait et la transporterait jusqu'au point d'extraction. Il devrait échanger son arme contre cette dernière (les terminators d'assaut ne pourraient pas la récupérer). Cette arme ancienne devrait avoir une puissance de feu dévastatrice (dégâts lourds, puissant anti armure, aire d'effet correcte) mais une très faible cadence de tir/long temps de recharge/très peu de munition.
  • Dans un sens, le reste de l'escouade devrait protéger le joueur portant l'arme ancienne jusqu'au point d'extraction. Si le porteur de l'arme se fait tuer, un autre joueur doit la récupérer (et donc abandonner son arme d'origine).
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*CYPHER..? - crew expendable
It has come to Belials attention a highly sensitive and therefore classified piece of intel is on the Olethros. Also, toxicity levels r at critical throughout this area.

  • health of all terminators depletes over time; psygates are unavailable until extraction.
    Retrieve classified intel and extract by any means necessary!
  • ONLY Psyker or Chaplain can collect intel and they must survive or mission failed!
  • NO Respawns.
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Body Snatchers- search and destroy.
Important items were taken from Brother Gideon's body and are relaying faint pings across the hulk.
Locate and retrieve these items.

  • 3 roaming Hybrids are in possession of items
  • (possibly) Timed? (Apprehend before they leave the ship...)
  • search wide designated areas for Hybrids. NO pin-point locations.

WMDs - race against time. 2+ players.
Deadly weapons have mysteriously armed and are set to fire on the fleet! A countdown has started!

  • Find the control panels (x3)
  • (possibly) Get codes off Hybrids (x3)
  • First 2 locations : your squad needs to split up. Control panel keys need to be turned in unison (within 10 seconds of each other) at both locations in order to override.
  • Then all converge to final location to stop the launch.
  • TIMED!

Theyve Cut the Power! 2+ players.
Tyranids are chewing on the power cables! The power is off! And the main door is shut!
To turn it back on and get through the door 2-4 switches have to be switched on within 10 seconds of each other, but they are at different locations on the ship. Separate the squad to fulfil the mission.

  • Fix damaged cables
  • Turn on Switches 2-4 ..
  • Open main door
    (Possibly) complete darkness..

Damaged tech
Something has fried your tech during teleportation
(Possibly) ADS is off - hipfire only

  • Blip sensor is off
    Map is off
    POI markers are off
    HUD is off
    Unable to psygate out
    Either -
    Search for 3-4 out of 6 relics (randomised)
    Search for the Psygate (randomised)
    Search for injured brother ("")
    Search for missing CAT ("")
    Search and destroy 5 turrets.

Sound could be used (like with relics) to help find objective.

'Guns, Germs and Steel' - Flamers Only! (Plus Plasmas)
Fungal spores are prevalent in this area and are rendering regular ammo weapons useless.
Turn to ur Flamers and Plasmas to purge the xenos filth! - Flamers and Plasmas ONLY

  • Find the source of the spores and purge with fire.
    Fungal spores are causing sporadic disorientation amongst the squad - your controls are occasionally reversed, arms/ legs sometimes function badly.
    Finally, enter highly destructive area so Melee ONLY and defeat the Broodlords .
    Then extract Broodlord blood sample.

Pls note: I am not well versed in Warhammer lore, so these are rough ideas for others/devs to improve upon.

Also, maybe implement a Bloodbowl-like Random Events list. maybe if you get to a certain level u can select random events option - that triggers additionally to each mission.
so things like : more gun jams/ ltd ammo/ hipfire only/ no blip sensor etc etc ...


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;-D awesome Ideas!!!!!

We gave the devs the basement of a future DLC "new special missions!!" 🙂

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4 the Emperor and Mankind!

I want that Emoji aswell, please gimme, gimme ;-D

Mr 🦁 El Jonson is currently unavailable, though should be back in the late future 😉

Lions and Tigers science hunt
The Adeptus Mechanicus want numerous samples of certain xenos strains for their tech research.

  • Search, destroy and extract 15 Lictor carapace core samples.
    Triangulate location of final Lictor corpse and teleport to the fleet (with samples).
  • Search, destroy and extract 5 Broodlord blood samples.
    Triangulate location of final Broodlord corpse and teleport to the fleet (with samples).
  • Find a clutch of xenos eggs.
    Triangulate location and teleport eggs to the fleet.

NO tagging of prey (except when face to face, and dead, to extract sample).
ONLY Apothecary can extract samples.
All objectives can be done simultaneously.

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@kommodore77 said in Special Mission Ideas. Post your Mission:

Mr 🦁 El Jonson is currently unavailable, though should be back in the late future 😉

Yes, hes Sharpening his Talons ;-D

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Chapter Master Valrak has a YouTube vid out today bout El Jonson returning. He's snoozing at the moment 🐾

@kommodore77 said in Special Mission Ideas. Post your Mission:

Chapter Master Valrak has a YouTube vid out today bout El Jonson returning. He's snoozing at the moment 🐾

Thnx 4 the Info
Youn Guys are the Greatest!

Power to the Nerds/ Mechanicum/ Omnissiah ;-D

Ps: The Lion never sleeps, he got more calm and thoughtful... Both Lion`s 😉 since they are ONE

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Is it possible to have the Deathwing Banner( most expensive from EE), as a High Quality Picture for Download and Printing?!
There is something in my Mind i have to do ;-D

And Dark Angels Banner aswell, PLEASE!

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Deathwing Down
Brothers Barachiel and Nahum are on the coms and are in serious trouble.

  • Locate ur brothers and secure the area.
    Defend from the Hordes for 10-15 minutes.
  • Escort brothers to next location to find remaining Delta Squad survivor.
    Defend against hordes of bazooka-wielding hybrids and the Genestealer horde for 10-15 minutes.
  • Escape to the safe zone with your brothers.
    No brother gets left behind!

Other Missions

  • Escort.
    Crowd control.
    Protect VIPs.
    Secure site of tactical importance.
    Surround and contain.
    Arrest the Heretic.
    High Value Target.

  • Defend: all Power Station Servitors from horde attack.
    Don't let xenos kill ALL 6. Save at least 2 servitors to keep the power on.

  • The main doors are covered in some kind of secreted resin. Burn n hack the doors to get through.
    Burn the 'resin' from the doors with ur flamers.
    Hold the doors from the hordes whilst one player hacks (calculating).

Labyrinth of Death
The hulk is malfunctioning in so many areas. By turning valves and pressing switches etc., you must redirect/clear obstacles in rooms/hallways filled with: fire, electrical barriers i.e. Electrified floors, radioactive water spills, liquid nitrogen spills, broken doors that might need fixing or not, etc.

  • One action can cause another to happen... one path opened closes another path once clear...

  • Get through the Labyrinth of Death ☠


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Diary / Lore Missions
These missions are lore intensive and expand on the lore 🙀 and stories of lives on the ships in the hulk.
Read dataslates, learn about the piles of dead servitors etc., etc. And general canon lore of Warhammer mixed into missions.


Darkness of Cadia
A mysteriously voiced message beacon has recently turned on in this area.
The transmission cannot be triangulated...

  • search 3 areas (randomised) 1 of the 3 locations is the damaged servo skull.
    A damaged Inquisitional servo skull has rebooted due to your presence and carries classified information imperative to the war effort and for Inquisition eyes only.
    Fix Servo Skull whilst others defend from horde.
    Escort Skull to computer console to negotiate with Belial.
    Defend, whilst Belial convinces the Skull to divulge more information.

  • Servo then plays embedded video message of last heretical days of the 'Cadia's Hand' ship.
    Some written info on ships events etc.
    Learn of the demise of the ships crew, the 22nd Cadian squad.
    Heresy! Officer turns to heresy and looks towards the Eye of Terror...

  • Search officers quarters for heresy!
    Dataslate diary of officer's maddening descent into chaos. Twisted by the warp.
    Officer foresees the Fall of Cadia to Abaddon and the legions of Chaos, the Eye of Terror, which drives him mad 🙀 The Officer gave in and gave up.
    Too afraid to go back to Cadia, he sabotaged the ship to forever drift in the warp.

  • (Bonus) Extra money found in chest in officers quarters 🤑

  • Grand Master Belial is taking over from here! <Mission Terminated>

Alternatively Warhammer canon lore missions can be created, just to learn canon facts about the ships and their inhabitants instead of needing to invent new scenarios etc.


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All the Major Sites
You are on foreign exchange, a tourist for a day 😎 Let loose coz you have some down-time on the hulk.

  • Have the Tech-Priest guided tour.
  • Read 200 Purity Seals (Hold occulobe over Purity Seal for 10 secs to read).
  • Take at least 36 photos (include Photo Mode (with no hud and gun)).
    Selfies at all the major sites 😁
  • Find some souvenirs whilst on ur travels.
  • meet the locals 👽


;-D Guide Tour, well, hahahaha

Get ur as.s to Mars, brother! 👾