Register for the Technical Test! [CLOSED]

Hello MudRunners,

Only 2 weeks before the release of MudRunner!

The team is working day and night to polish the game and launch the best possible title at the end of the month. But testing a game with a team of a few dozen QA testers and releasing it to hundreds of thousands of players are two different things.

We refuse to take any risk when it comes to ironing out a game that so many of you are eagerly awaiting and that's why we decided to host a Technical Test open to 1000 players, in order to gather as much technical feedback as possible.


In essence, we’re looking to make sure that we can test the game on PC on as many machines as possible. This test will have restricted content, so that you don’t get spoiled on the all the surprises to come in the game.

This technical test will include:

  • Tutorial
  • Three challenges: Repair and refuel, Climb A Hill, Cross A River.
  • One fully playable map, Downhill, in both Simplified and Hardcore Mode
  • Limited vehicle selection
  • Singleplayer & Multiplayer modes

The idea here is to test the game in a variety of locations, and the content we are including in the Technical Test will introduce you to the basics of the game, cockpit view, and crossing water.

This test will be under NDA, so you won’t be able to share videos, screenshots or information about what you find in the Technical Test.


We will be inviting people to this Technical Test on a first come, first serve basis. Once 1000 players have signed up, that will be it, so make sure you sign up fast!

We'll contact you by email if you're selected. The Technical Test starts October 19th at 4.00 PM (CEST) / 7.00 AM (PDT) / 5.00 PM (MSK) and will last a few days.

Have fun,
The MudRunner team

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Y am french and à ps4 payer i wait the game With inpacience

I would like to test it!

I want to test the game. Been waiting a long time for it to come to console

Я тоже хочу проверить играю еще с версии 2009 года предзаказ сделал в стиме

@netheos said in Register for the Technical Test!:



Will this be tested on Xbox one before the release next week?

I would like to test the game on both PS4 and PC version
I love off road driving and having the chance to test for Spintires, Muddrunner will be an absolute honour 🙂

I want to test the game been a big fan on steam

Signed up hopefully be able to test it. Looking forward to the game release.

I wouldn’t mind testing what you need tested. I also wouldn’t mind giving feedback either. This seems like a great opportunity to help out. Hopefully you guys are testing all platforms because I’m on PlayStation 4

Hope I get to test it got it on pre order

I want to test the game!!!

Hi I would like to sign up for pc test thanks

Hello, I want to be a part of this test 'cause I love spintires ❤