Register for the Technical Test! [CLOSED]

@yardsale i do not think so, we are the ones paying for all this and i think we should know about these kinds of things. just like i feel we have the right to know just how many people who tested the game were actual testers on pc and how many were console users who should have not gotten keys. also that we should know out of those who did test how many gives feedback.

wouldn't you like to know if out of this 1000 testers that only maybe 600-700 were actual legit PC testers and then that maybe only 400-500 of those gave any kind of feedback? i know i would. would it really make any difference? not really since there is still a good amount of people testing, but i for one still want to know. after all they are testing for all of us here.

открываться будет еще набор на тест???

i pre-purchased the game from the first time of the announce,i am a streamer and i want to be part of tester program.Thank you

Hallo ich würde diese spiel sehr gerne Testen.
Mfg Ms

Have they started selecting?

Haha, not able to read, but wanting to test..... 🙂

I have the code but can't put it in my ps4

@mscott85 said in Register for the Technical Test! [CLOSED]:

I have the code but can't put it in my ps4

Guess why?

I would like to join !

@guelug braw....... just.... uh.... oke..... pffffffffffffffffff

Would love to try the technical test!