Register for the Technical Test! [CLOSED]

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Y am french and à ps4 payer i wait the game With inpacience

me to i'm french

GEIL noch 2 wochen dann endlich zocken

Ill like to test. Already have it preordered.

signed up ready and waiting 😃

I play on Xbox One. I would love to test the game

I would be happy to test it on Xbox one for yous’s

Cool, I applied, really looking forward to the test. Thanks. Focus 🙂

I would love to play this game. I have been waiting for a long time

Было бы не плохо протестировать игру и помочь доработать игру

Im a pc player i would like to test it i spend a lot of time on the other one !!!!

Почему при клике на ссылку, меня просто перекидывает в мой профиль.

Hello, I would like to test on PC.

Have hundreds of hrs experience with steam version of Spintires and have been playing Spintires 2014 since it's beta days. 🙂

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Hi I would like to sign up for pc test thanks