Register for the Technical Test! [CLOSED]

Please please please I’ve been waiting patiently for this

Signed up and ready to get muddy!!

Hello I booked the game for ps4 but a console test will not run?


Console versions will be identical.

Signed up. Good luck everyone

Sign me up please !!! On PS4 !!!

Inscrivez-moi s'il vous plaît !!! Sur PS4 !!!

Found out about mudrunner...and went and got a new pc to buy and play spintires on while i wait....never pkayed it im hooked and just beat the last map this thatd be perfect...also getting it on xbox one

I’d love to test the game and give feed back

I would love to test this game

I would very much like to test this next game from a simulator legend! I play it on PC.

@Netheos You should announce the cutoff when it happens, I'm sure those slots are getting occupied fast!

I would actually love to test this game. Ever since it's announcement I've been reading up on the news and watching videos. IM SO EXCITED

I want to test, been waiting for this game to come to consoles. I'm on Xbox One.