Register for the Technical Test! [CLOSED]

How do you sign up. I would like to join the test.

Bonjour je voudrais essayer le jeux svp je les commander j attend avec impatience la sortie plateforme ps4 merci d avance

I would love to be a tester

I would like to test. Please

@lighteningazza Testing is for PC only.


over 4000 hours on spintires give it to the people that are going to actually test it .

Hello I'm waiting for a long time that spintires came to console

Won't let me sign up, says I need to register in the forum. Already registered

Всё, готово! Ждёмс)

I want to try it, i play more than 200 hour with the Spintires 😃

I would love to test the game, from belgium

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I'm open to doing some testing if I have the time. High to mid range computer.

The panic when I saw that I had to make a forum account to register.. And the forum register didnt work first..
lol! What one do to play some spintires!

hi .. i find key for me and my friend 🙂 for testing multiplayer.

hi .. i find key for testing game 🙂 Thanks for sending guys to test 🙂