(PC) Cabalvision Champions Cup IX Participants
BB2 Champion Ladder Admin Team

Welcome coaches!!

Here is a list of all of the (PC) Cabalvision Champions Cup IX participants. The invites are going out so please accept them as soon as possible and we will begin!!

0_1508354764166_(PC)Champions Cup IX Participants.JPG

As per the rules the top team of each race qualifies with 8 additional "Wildcard" spots to the 2nd best race of each race(in order of rank)

Also any coach who has both qualified as wildcard and the qualifying top spot MUST take their qualifying team and not their wildcard spot

We have not received any word from any coaches and therefore have automatically taken the highest rank team (if they have qualified for the top spot with 2 different races)

Please remember the 40k bank rule for underdogs outlined in this forum thread: https://forums.focus-home.com/topic/1199/champions-cup-financial-fair-play-rules

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Hi! where is the place for "rendez-vous"? 🙂

Hi Darky! Im your week one opponent. Seems My champs ladder discord link is broken as well.. I emailed the admins to send another way for me to get in there. If not Ill be available 10/21: 10 am(est- US time) through the day. And again on the following Saturday and Sunday all day. Cheers!

@mishapz said in (PC) Cabalvision Champions Cup IX Participants:

I emailed the admins to send another way for me to get in there.


Hi mishapz, ready this sunday at 7pm (french hour).


Can you add me in the list of qualified coach's on Discord please ?


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