The Lionheart Bowl Blood Bowl League is a fun league with the following rules and guidelines.

  • Teams are brand new and 1000TV.
  • 16 Teams will be seperated into two round robin groups that will then advance to a single 8 team single elimination KO tournament. If we do not reach 16 teams then we will have a single round robin group that advances into a KO tournament of about 2/3 of the teams.

Once 16 people sign up coaches will be randomly ordered and a race draft will commence, where each coach picks a race in order. Only TWO teams of each race can exist within the league (If Humans were picked 2 times before you, you can not pick a human team.) Coaches who dropout during this stage will not be allowed to join in future seasons.

The Lionheart Bowl is a league where winning comes second to fun, fairness and friendship. Of course, all the teams will be playing to win, but being a fun and friendly community is more important. Therefore, rage quitting games has a very low tolerance, and events like a tournament for teams that didn't qualify for playoffs, for example, will exist. There will also be an awards ceremony at the end of the season, including awards from "League MVP" to "Most Deaths Taken".

The preferred region for coaches is in Europe, though im sure finding a time for a game would not be a problem if North American coaches took part as well.

  • All teams are required to add the commissioner (me) on Steam for oganizational purposes. Adding of other coaches is also encouraged.
  • Any cheating or hacking of any kind must be reported. Videos and screenshots do a good job of proving accusations. Cheating has zero-tolerance and you will be immediately banned and prohibited from playing in future seasons as punishment.
  • It is entirely up to the players to contact each other via steam, reddit, discord, Blood Bowl Mail, or some other form of communication to set up their matches.
  • Disconnects and no-shows must also be reported ASAP. If both teams do not show it will go as a 0-0 tie. If one team doesn't communicate or is a no-show and the other isn't, the active player recieves a 2-0 victory.
  • If you are inactive for a week you will be notified/warned via steam messaging, Blood Bowl Mail, and Discord. If you are inactive for 2 straight weeks. Coaches who quit the league out of anger, or failure to qualify for playoffs will be ineligible to join future league seasons.

Thanks for taking the time to read! The league takes place on Blood Bowl 2 PC.
You can sign up on the sign up sheet here: