Legendary Edition Open Beta?

As far as I'm aware there've never been any proper Open Betas for Blood Bowl 2. By Open Beta I mean that ANYONE who has a Steam account and is interested can play the game for free, for a limited time.

Doing this could result in a lot of exposure for the game AND help with the testing process which seems to be incredibly important this time around.

@psicodani76 If possible, yeah. I'm afraid trying to have an Open Beta on consoles would be much more of a hassle, though.

BB2 Champion Ladder Admin Team

Considering the past history of this game... let's all just be happy that there is even a closed beta.

However there are many games nowadays built on open beta and so I am for an open beta as well.

That's an idea. Perhaps they also could let everyone play the campaign mode for free as it's supposed to be a tutorial.

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