Instruments on the dashboard WORK??

Is the engine instruments on the dashboard work? Engine Instruments

Like the engine can over heat or die on battery,
or are they actually do something ??

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I seen the fuel gauge and volt meter work in many gameplay vids. How ever i've not seen the engine temperature go up or the battery die. Maybe these features are implemented on hardcore difficulty

AFAIK engine itself isn't simulated at all, so where to get the info to be displayed?
Sure, the needles are moving, but ever watched HOW they move?
In my eyes more sort of "guess gauges" 😉

@schlammspringer true, but got to start somewhere though.

One of the most groundbreaking games in terms of technology and graphics, and yet one of the few additions to this game is a cardboard cutout of a dash that my 4 year old could have drawn better. SMH.... It's just awful.

I've noticed the coolant temperature & oil pressure gauges change with how much damage the vehicle has. the voltmeter gauge seems to change with RPM

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