repeating obsticals?

if you have ever played the old game, you know that the scenery and all the obsticals were the same, like the people that made the maps just copied and pasted. I hate that, driving through the exact same thing multiple times on the same road, without looping around. such as you could be driving down a muddy road, and you drive through a big water hole, well then like 50 meters later, you drive through the exact same thing, like really EXACTLY THE SAME! its stupid don't you think?

@asherh that is exactly what they did with the original. copy/paste and even admitted to it, but it was all for the ease of map production. any decent map maker can attest that it takes time to make a good quality map. i do agree though more variety to the areas and obstacles in the maps would be a very nice addition.

@8up-local thanks for your opinion on this

Yes. I would rather to have 3 maps than 6 all copied/pasted.
I think Plains was the worst in this aspect

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