saves don't work in leagues. xbox.


i play blood bowl 2 legendary edition on the xbox one. i have BB2 and the legendary add on.

when playing in the league, either solo or in the eternal mode upon returning to the game it does not save any progress.

it gives the message 'no match is scheduled yet. the competition is waiting for registrations to be processed by those in charge' or it says 'unable to find data'.

it does record SPP points for my team, but other than that it does not save any solo or eternal league progress.

i have updated the game, uninstalled and reinstalled the game, deleted replays and saved data and changed the storage of the game.

all to no avail. can you please investigate this issue?

Hello, is the progression works if you start a new eternal/solo league?

no. when you return to the game it says that you are not registered in a league. when you start a new eternal league it populates new teams.

it does save SPP and team value from the previous match however.

playing the sol league or cup competition generates the same issue.

Having same issue on Xbox one. With eternal league, I play a game and it will be fine until I log off. Once I come back, it says, " no match is scheduled yet. The competition is waiting for registrations to be processed by those in charge." This occurs using a normal team, mixed team, with or without experience added. With a solo league, when I come back it just says no data found.

Can you try to delete your replays in the Cabal TV menu?

yes i have done that several times, it does not work. it used to work on BB2 but on with the legendary expansion.

I tried that, but does not have an effect. If I don't delete the replay, they will not be there when I log back in. This issue appeared after the latest patch for me.

I tried setting my Xbox network to offline to see if it would save if only going through the console and not the server. It still didn't save. This time when I logged back in after a match, it had removed the team from the competition, but was still part of the eternal league. I could join a competion again, but it would not save any progress if I logged off.

Focus guys, do you have any update on this?

@hraksson said in saves don't work in leagues. xbox.:

Focus guys, do you have any update on this?

We're still investigating the issue to fix it as soon as possible.

I don't know if you guys have done anything to address the issue, but It appears to be resolved for me. Eternal league is saving properly now.

I've still got the problem. Created 3 teams now, play through Autumn and Winter leagues fine. Get to Blood Bowl qualifiers in Spring and then I get the "No match is scheduled yet. The competition is waiting for registrations to be processed by those in charge." message.

Deleting replays does not fix - I deleted my first two teams before logging on here and noticing it was 'a known issue' - so I started a 3rd in the hope that deleting replays would fix. Unfortunately it hasn't.

I wonder - the first league you play, when it sets all the teams up, it takes a good while processing. For me, it didn't do any of that in the second, Winter league - I just went straight into the league against essentially teams with a TV of 1000 or so.

However - when joining the Blood Bowl qualifiers it recalculated everything and made the opposition relative to my TV (which was around 2000).

Is it this extra calculating? Adding skills to 128 opposition teams or however many that somehow breaks it?

Either way, I'm stuck. 3 separate mixed teams on Xbox One Legendary Edition. Deleting my replays doesn't help.

It's such a shame as I have no interest in playing online / multiplayer, the game is unplayable for me until this is fixed.

Any update on progress to resolving this?

i can still replicate the issue. Join an eternal league and then save and exit the game. when you return to the game and the league the message about no match being scheduled is presented.

the issue is not fixed for me.

hi focus team, do you have a progress update on this? have been unable to play these leagues since buying the game.

I am having this same issue and have performed all the of the actions listed above without any success. I hope that this gets resolved soon!

focus team, have you any progress updates on this? do you consider this a priority issue?

@hraksson said in saves don't work in leagues. xbox.:

focus team, have you any progress updates on this? do you consider this a priority issue?

That's absolutely a priority when it comes to BB2. The goal is to fix these stability issues on console, but we don't have enough visibility on our side to give you an ETA yet. We will as soon as we have something solid.

I see that they are working on the problem but just thought I'd add the I too am suffering the same problem on Xbox one. I just have the base version with the Xbox game pass and I really like the game, (as long as the Hard AI and its cheaty dice rolls is avoided). I was going to get the Legendary edition but came across this problem. Same as mentioned above. If it's fixed I will likely buy the legendary.

I get that this is a “priority” but come team, this was reported nearly a month ago! Hours were put into this game before the Legendry Assition came out now I hardly play it because of the saves not working....

I love this game, and bought the expansion, only to find that it has destroyed the fun I was having.
The Eternal League sounded amazing so I fronted up the cash, deleted my old teams.....
And found that it doesn't work!
Bitterly disappointed .