saves don't work in leagues. xbox.

Hi Focus team, do you have any updates or progress reports on this issue?

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Hi Focus team, do you have any updates or progress reports on this issue?

We've found a way to reproduce the issue (a crucial step in the development of a fix). We don't have an ETA yet but the most difficult is done and an update should arrive soon.

Being able to reproduce it is absolutely FABULOUS work. Nice folks. Can’t wait to get back to it!!

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How's that coming?


The issue is caused by the size of the game data, especially the saves and replays. The team implemented a fix vastly improving the way the game cleans oudated data. They're now working on reducing the size of the replays, which seem to be bigger than planned as well. It should increase a lot the stability of the game on consoles (which have less available memory than most computers).

Definitely going in the right direction, although I still don't have a date for the release of the update.

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That is awesome to hear! I am sure that games after a certain time frame aren't needed any more. Can't wait to get to playing Eternal League again! If I could send beer from Colorado to the dev team, I would!

So wouldn’t a simple fix to turn off replays until it’s fixed?
Or make an option to choose to save replays or see replays until this is fixed?
Replays have zero effect on how to play the game.
If someone is that hardcore they need to analyze their opponents... there are these things called web sites and cameras.
If not explain in a term we can understand please... thanks awesome HR person

although you guys seem to making headway in fixing this issue, it is extremely frustrating that the fundamental features of this game ( saving progress) has not functioned since this games release on the 5th of September.

at this point you should have fix ETAs. the length of time taken to fix this issue is unacceptable.

I’ve got 3 teams in various states of broken league-ness. I ended up yesterday with my 2500 TR chaos team in the same league as my 1000 TR elven team when I went to start a match with them!

Having to quit out of so many leagues / comps in order to play. 😕

i finally made it to the second month...
Hoping this trend continues.
All I had to do was create an account that was never online. And before I swapped to it made sure the Xbox was set to “offline”
Than delete every replay and have no more than one team.
But at least eternal is fun now. If I could only play it while being connected online...
Will keep you updated on how never being online and never saving a reply works..
I may have helped find a narrow down the problem even more than “saves and replays”.
Now of course saying this... I won’t make it passed the “second” month.

Hi, the update is built and we're currently testing it on PS4 and Xbox One. We detected some performance issues and are currently evaluating if it can be adjusted quickly.

We still aim at a December release, meaning a very close deadline because Sony and Microsoft are in hollidays the last week of the year (and we need their approval on the updates before it goes live).

hi focus team, has there been any progress made on fixing this problem? do you have any idea when this will be fixed?

Hi Mods,

Any news on this yet? I've still not played in like a month now and am starting to get withdrawal symptoms! 😉

I am worried because I am aware that you guys break for xmas soon. Will the fix be in the next week or can we expect to not be able to play solo over the holidays?

@swan make a fake account that has never been online. Make sure you always delete the replays. I’m into the fourth quarter finally and no issues. Just make sure it. Ever touches online. Ever.. really... ever..

hi focus team, i saw an update for blood bowl late last night, is this the update aimed at resolving the issue?

@hraksson said in saves don't work in leagues. xbox.:

hi focus team, i saw an update for blood bowl late last night, is this the update aimed at resolving the issue?

Yes, it was a stability update. More info here.

I've tested it with two separate teams in eternal leagues and it does seem to be fixed.

Its a Christmas miracle!

What is the deal this game is still broken. None of my solo or enternal league progress will save.

So there's really no word on a fix for this? You simply can't play eternal league without jumping through a bunch of hoops? I understand that this title isn't coming from a major development studio.. But to just ignore a save feature bug is a pretty bad move.

Not gonna lie, I've been waiting for a patch to fix a number of issues with bb2 LE since launch and I haven't heard so much as a peep about anything concrete.

Disappointing. Definitely gonna have some serious trust issues with this studio going forward.

Good luck

@steven-spencer Hi, could you delete your saves ?

  • Go into My Games & apps
  • Go into Games, highlight Blood Bowl 2 and hit select.
  • Go into saved data
  • Highlight your user name and hit A
  • Chose delete everywhere. Next time you log into Blood Bowl you will have to agree to user terms.

You won't loose anything but your progress in singleplayer leagues.