More war bands eventually?

I just recently bought the game, and I'm enjoying it quite a bit 🙂 My favorite races haven't shown up yet though (Orcs for life), and I was curious if there was a date or even just a solid answer on if you'll be doing war bands after you finish with necromunda. Thanks!

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I think that depends on how well Necromunda goes. If that's a hit it'll make sense to make DLC for that rather than Mordheim.

Our best chance for more warbands may be if there is a Mordheim 2 built in the same engine as Necromunda.

Btw what is your favourite warband?

@Bardon-Plays My favorite warband in-game right now is the empire mercenaries, but out of all of them I like orcs most

@ehden, Echo that! It's a sweet game and it really gives that feeling I love from the board game.

@Bardon Plays,
Will the new engine, you're using for Necromunda offer multiplayer support for more than 1v1?
I just introduced the game to my friends (we all play the tabletop version) and they we all excited to buy the game and try it, however, when they learned it was 1v1 only it stopped dead in the water there as the reason we meet and play the tabletop version is experiencing it together and not in groups of two.


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